QA/QC Inspection and Expediting


During the manufacturing process and also when this process has ended, industrial products need to be inspected to guarantee the correct product fabrication and the compliance of requests established between the customer and the manufacturer.
Besides welding inspections, Weldgin qualified staff is able to carry out inspections to all type of products on behalf of the customer or as third body, at the workshop, customer factory or even in expedition phases.

Some samples of inspections performed:

  • Valves, flanges and piping
  • Steam surface condenser
  • Electrical equipment and devices
  • Pressure vessels and reactors
  • Heat exchangers and boilers
  • Any welded product


In addition to that, Weldgin also offers maintenance and inspection services during refueling in the nuclear and petrochemical sector, with experience in ASCÓ, TRILLO, VANDELLÓS and COFRENTES nuclear power plants.


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QA/QC Inspection and Expediting

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