Weldgin multidisciplinary team made up of professionals,of engineering and architecture where integral projects and global proposals are made with the maximum detail.

Our experience in the sector has generated a way of acting, a style that is based on maximum efficiency and professionalism. It takes into account, in the planning and execution of the project, the individualized treatment with the customer depending on their lifestyle or business. All this translates into projects.

A customized project for each customer, always thinking of the best distribution, aesthetic functionality and comfort. Weldgin incorporates the study of home automation, safety and control, renewable energies and sustainability, as well as advice on all administrative permits and licenses.

We carry out the direction and execution of the construction with our own equipment, improving timings, as well as obtaining construction permits, activity licenses, electrical projects, climate and gas.

Comprehensive projects of architecture

Preparation of projects and preliminary projects of execution, control and construction management:

  • Residential buildings
  • Single-family, paired homes
  • Reforms, rehabilitations.
  • Certifications, reports, opinions
  • Valuations
  • Expert reports for the community of owners
  • Sustainability
  • Landscaping, roads and public equipment
  • Special facades with architectural design
  • Industrial, commercial buildings, offices


Project and management of any kinds of installations as:

  • Electricity for industries and commercial/residential buildings
  • Fire & Safety
  • Ventilation for car parks
  • Industrial cooling
  • Residential/commercial cooling


Projects and management for Fire & Safety for industrial, commercial or residential buildings installations.


Project and management of Lay-out for new or substantial modifications at industrial processes.

Administrative paperwork

Surveillance, control and meetings with public administration on behalf of industrial/builders property.

  • Permisions for new industrial activities
  • Substantial industry modifications
  • Fuel tanks
  • Presurized components

*Imatges cedides per Bellapart


Welding and NDT inspection

QA/QC Inspection and Expediting

Industry Services


Education and Trainings